MKK Medlem får rabatt på KC! ...

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Pga Corona är klubben nu stängd helt för all träning tom 7e februari!

Undantag görs enbart för barn födda 2005 eller senare
från och med 25 januari.

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Välkommen att hjälpa till att utveckla Malmö Klätterklubb, tex genom att vara med i Styrelsen.
Kontaktadressen till valberedningen är mail@olle-eriksson.com
Se bild för mer information

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Due to the new Corona situation the board have decided to add some rules for access to the club.

Se the newsletter sent to all members for details and the link to the booking page!

(If you havent got the mail, plese update your contact data by filling in the form xn--malmkltterklubb-5kb71a.se/ny-medlem/ and then send a notice to medlem@climbing.nu)

In short:
Only members with valid training fee are allowed to the club right now.
All access to the club must be booked in advance.
There is no Väggis working so you also need a tagg to enter the club.
Booking page is open now, you can book for the next 7 days, a new date is added every 24h. (the link is in the newsletter)

The access time for members with tagg is as before :
Monday, Wednesday,Friday 18:00 - 22:30
Tuesday, Thursday 09:00 - 22:30
Saturday and Sunday 09:00 - 18:00

Volunteers that have allround access should also book times on the non official opening hours. All volunteers will get a separate mail with a link to the booking for periods outside the opening hours.

Please remember to follow all general rules/guidelines: keep distance to other climbers, use hand sanitizer, stay at home if you have any symptoms etc.

/Styrelsen MKK

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Concerning new regulations, Covid-19!
Due to new regulations concerning Covid -19 in Skåne län we are again closing the club. The recommendations are valid for three weeks after which a new decision will be made. During this time the club will be accessible to members through the tags as before, and members are allowed to bring friends who then pay a daily fee via Swish. Remember that this means you will need your own rope to be able to climb.
We encourage all members to be responsible and not to crowd the local. As usual, evenings and especially Tuesdays and Thursdays are popular. If it is possible to train at other times during the week we encourage you to do so and not to bring friends when you suspect the gym to be crowded. We will extend the access to Friday evenings as well as Tuesday and Thursday daytime - this is an effort to spread out climbers to avoid closing the gym in its entirety.
The competition Sendmania 2020 has been rescheduled to the beginning of spring 2021 - we very much look forward to sending new routes with you all at that time!
Remember not to come to the club if you are experiencing any kind of symptoms, wash your hands and stay safe.
Best regards,
Board of MKK

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