SendMania 2020

Malmö Klätterklubb invites you to join us to Sendmania 2020, a 30 day climbing competition full of sweat, tears and crushing.


Malmö Klätterklubb, Eric Perssons Väg 61, 217 62 Malmö


November 11th – December 6th

How many routes will there be?

28 routes ranging from 5+ to 7C+. They will be set by Routesetters from MKK, SKK as well as a professional routesetter from Copenhagen.

How do I win?

You climb as many routes as you can in as good a style as possible (you get more points for leading a route as well as flashing them). Then you log those routes in a survey we will send out. The person with the most points wins the competition (see lower about how the scoring system works exactly).

Where are the results displayed?

At MKKs website. The scoreboard updates as soon as someone logs route so you can see who is currently leading and which route gives you the most points.

How do I log routes?

As soon as the competition starts, we will post a link to a google survey where you can check the routes you climbed. It will then send you a link via Email that allows you to edit the survey as you continue to climb more routes.

What are the Categories?

Male, female, junior male & junior female (Both up to 14 years old)

What are the prices?

1st place: 

  • a year of free training (excluding membership) at Malmö Klätterklubb
  • A lattice remote assessment (only for the adult categories)
  • 1 Year premium 27 Crags

2nd Place

  • 6 months of free training (excluding membership) at Malmö Klätterklubb
  • 3 months premium 27 Crags

3rd place

  • 3 months of free training (excluding membership) at Malmö Klätterklubb
  • 1 month premium 27 crags

Additionally, there will be a raffle each week where we give away free brushes from Five Ten as well as free 27 crags premium months. To be part of the raffle, you will have to have logged ascents that week.

Is there a fee?

It’s free for everyone (excluding entry/training fee), but only members of Malmö Klätterklubb and Skånes Klätterklubb are eligible for prices. You can become a member of Malmö Klätterklubb here.

Anything else I should know?

We are going to have a free finger-strength testing day on Monday the 11th of November. You can come free of charge (you don’t have to be a member of MKK) and we’ll test your finger strength using the Lattice board. You will get an analysis of how your finger strength compares to your bouldering and sports grade and after you’ll have the chance to talk to the lattice team via Instagram if you have any questions.

How does the scoring work exactly?

Every route is worth 1000 points divided by the numbers of ascents

A lead Top gives full points

A flash equals 120% of the points

Reaching the Zone equals 50% 

A top-rope top equals 70% of the points

A top-rope flash equals 85%

Reaching the Zone while top-roping equals 35%


A route is climbed by two people, one top-ropes and one flashes the route in lead.

> Top roper gets 350 ((1000/2)*0.7) (1000 points for the route divided by the number of people that climbed it, *0.7 for top-roping) , flasher gets 600 ((1000/2)*1.2 1000 points for the route divided by the number of people that climbed it *1.2 for the flash)

>A route is climbed by 12 people, our climber gets to the Zone on lead. He/She gets 16 points ((1000/12)*0.5)

What do the different ascent types mean?

Lead top means you climb the route in lead all the way to the anchor without resting in the rope. You have to clip all the quickdraws including the anchor and are not allowed to skip any.

Top-Rope means you climb the route in top-rope all the way to the anchor without resting in the rope.

Zone means you reach the Zone hold and securely hold it (just touching it doesn’t count).

Flash means you climb the route the first time (you can watch other people climb it before and/or get beta). You are not allowed to touch any of the holds before you climb if you want to count it as a flash.